TOC serves as the CHRB-recognized representative of owners… and has a primary role in the California horse racing industry.  As a licensing category, owners far outnumber any other category of participant licensed by the California Horse Racing Board.  They are the single largest continuing investor in racing and provide the State with unparalleled tax revenues.


TOC is an association of horse owners who recognize that the current health of California racing is threatened by a diminishing number of race horses, smaller fields, spiraling costs, disagreements over the efficacy of simulcasting, and bewilderment over new technologies that could forever change the face of racing.

When TOC was founded, its mission was to serve as a new voice for the broad interests of thoroughbred owners. Its goal was to improve and increase the representation of horse owners in the day to day activities of racing. Today, TOC also believes in working toward common goals to improve the overall economics of the game for horse owners and to protect and enhance its integrity.

TOC strives to protect the economic interests and investment of all horsemen and to gain public recognition of horseracing as a vital form of entertainment deserving of support, protection and preservation.

TOC looks to initiative and innovation to better the industry as a whole. Its policy is to work closely with all segments of this fragmented industry — to create coalitions as industry-wide policies are formulated, developed and implemented.


The overall purpose of TOC is to provide effective leadership to the Thoroughbred racing industry in California. Among its objectives are:

  • Assuring competent representation of California Thoroughbred owners in its negotiations with racing associations and before regulatory and legislative bodies, while expanding membership involvement in TOC’s activities;
  • Improving the economics of horse ownership, through:
    • Fair tax policies which eliminate the discriminatory tax burdens on Thoroughbred owners, which will free up additional purse revenues;
    • Promoting expanded horseracing wagering opportunities through added simulcasting, phone betting and Internet betting;
    • Supporting marketing programs to better sell horseracing to the public with the purpose of increasing track attendance and participation as well as revenue;
    • Developing other revenue sources, such as sponsorships; and
    • Developing cost efficiencies.
  • Assuring efficient simulcasting while preserving and improving live racing in the northern and southern regions of California;
  • Increasing purses while assuring a fair distribution between stakes and overnights and all other categories of races;
  • Supporting the development of national centralized marketing programs to increase fan involvement throughout the country.
  • Improving marketing and sales programs to improve bottom line profitability, using the personal expertise of individual owners;
  • Promoting the integrity of the game, acting as a watchdog with respect to the fair administration of the rules of racing and the modification of such rules when they enhance the game’s integrity;
  • Communicating regularly with its members on TOC’s activities; soliciting membership input on the direction of TOC’s policies and activities;
  • Attracting new owners through various programs such as horse courses and seminars, as well as providing more sophisticated programs for experienced owners;
  • Pursuing policies to improve the quality of California’s breeding programs, with the purpose of improving the overall quality of California’s racing programs;
  • Creating a coalition of horsemen, coordinating the efforts of various segments of the industry including owners, trainers, breeders, jockeys, veterinarians, farriers, etc., as well as other groups and individuals impacting the industry toward the realization of common goals.

All CHRB-licensed owners automatically become members of the TOC. There are no membership dues; and shortly after getting your owner’s license from the California Horse Racing Board you will receive a welcome packet from us. As the State-recognized representative of owners, TOC serves as a voice for the broad interests of Thoroughbred owners and strives to improve and increase representation of horse owners in the day-to-day activities of racing.

TOC represents owners legislatively in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. and administratively through purse negotiations with the racing associations. In addition, TOC runs educational seminars for prospective, new, and veteran owners.

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