TOC Members Elect One New Board Member, Re-Elect All Four Incumbents

TOC’s membership elected Johnny Taboada and re-elected incumbents Nick Alexander, Joe Ciaglia, Samantha Siegel, and Bob Liewald to its Board of Directors. All five were elected to three-year terms. The new board officially took office on July 1st.

Taboada joins the board as a Northern California representative. A native of Lima, Peru, he has lived in Pleasanton for the last 15 years. He has had more than 1,000 starts as an owner, mainly in Northern California, and he has recently begun a breeding program in California.

Alexander has served on the board since 2013, as chairman from 2017 through 2020. He currently serves on the Executive Committee. Ciaglia has been on the board for six years and is a member of the Owner Relations and Finance committees. Siegel joined the board in 2015; she is chair of the Wagering committee and serves on the Owner Relations committee. Liewald has served on the board for four years. He is Vice Chair for Southern California and serves on the Wagering and Racing Affairs committees, and as chair of the Finance committee.

A total of 6,104 ballots were mailed out to eligible voters, and 1,263 qualifying ballots were received. The complete vote tally is available for viewing here.

The newly elected Directors join Gary Fenton, Rick Gold, Ryan Hanson, Mike Harrington, Stephanie Hronis, Lindsay LaRoche, Terry Lovingier, Ed Moger, Richard Rosenberg, and Bill Strauss in comprising TOC’s 2022-23 Board.

Current TOC bylaws require that at least three board members be from Northern California. Representing Northern California on the Board are LaRoche, Moger, and Taboada. TOC bylaws require at least two and no more than six owner-trainers on the board, and representing the owner-trainer seats are Harrington, Hanson, and Moger.

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