Owner Profiles

Aleo, Harry: Something About Harry

Aroney, Ted and Craig, Jenny and Sid: A Del Mar Jewel (Summer 2008)

Bannasch, Bill and Linear: Owner Profile (Winter 1998)

Barrett, Katey: The Art of Photography from a Cinematic Perspective (Summer 2010)

Berta, Julie: High on Horse Ownership (Spring 2009)

Ciaglia, Joe: Bringing Youthful Energy into the Sport of Kings

Connors: Western Style (Winter 2009)

Dix, Lloyd: A Partnership Success Story (Fall 2007)

Faces of the Future (Kid Owners) (Spring 2007)

Fer, Peter: Owner Profile (Fall 1998)

Harris, John: Continuing a California Legacy

Henley, Barry: Owner Profile (Spring 1998)

Kaplan, Scott and Smith, Billy Ray: “Great Friends” of Racing (Summer 2007)

Kelly, Jon and Sarah: A Horsey Addiction (Summer 2009)

King, Rob: Owner Profile (Fall 1997)

Long, Greg: Owner Profile (Spring 1997)

Massengale, Joe: Owner Profile (Summer 1998)

Marten, Michael J.: Capturing Moments in Time

McCaffery, Trudy: In Memoriam (Spring 2007)

Moss, Jerry and Ann: Sharing the Joy of Ownership (Spring 2010)

Mueller, Paula and David: A Family Affair (Fall 2006)

Nugent, Bob: A Shining Star for Racing

O’Neill, Ted and Danny: Luck o’the Irish (Winter 2008)

Pesci, Joe: Joe Getz It!

Reddam, J. Paul: Philosophically Speaking

Rego, Don: Owner Profile (Winter 1999)

Rome, Jim: Hook, Line and Sinker (Fall 2008)

Schwartz,Steve: A New President for TOC (Winter 2010)

Strauss, Jeff: Good Food, Good Racing, Good Guy (Summer 2010)

Suarez, Pablo: Living The Dream (Winter 2007)

Todaro, George: A Man Of Many Accomplishments

Van Patten, Dick: Weekends at the Track (Spring 2008)

Vela, Greg: Owner Profile (Spring 1997)

Wiest, Robert F.: Owner Profile (Fall 1996)

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