EQUINE DISCOUNT PROGRAM – Bring That Clean Air Feeling Inside!

Big Ass Fans’ innovative Clean Air System is a full-service, facility-wide air quality solution that kills up to 99.9% of airborne pathogens* in your space.

Why bother disinfecting the air if it never actually reaches your people? Our fans’ superior airflow is the key to delivering clean, comfortable air to the spaces where they live, work, and breathe.

Air disinfection methods have existed for decades, but seamless integration into our industry-leading products makes this technology more practical and more effective than ever before.

We’re the airflow experts. With our custom specification, factory-certified installation, and a lifetime of system support, you’ll keep your people protected for the long haul.

Use your Equine discount and save up to 25% on Big Ass Fans! Use code EQUINE20 online or call 866-678-4289 to receive your discount!

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